The process

There are seven steps to the successful mind uploading process.


1. Signing NanoEden’s Permission Contracts

NanoEden requires the living to sign documents allowing NanoEden to process and scan the deceased brain and create it’s A.I. The forms also give NanoEden permission to work with the newly developed A.I. in finding its perfect and happiest place and activity. The individual signing the forms needs to be in good mental health and able to make a conscious decision. Family and friends will not be able to make the decision on behalf of the beloved person at this time.


2. Chemical Fixation

In order to preserve the brain’s neural structures, the brain is chemically fixed and plastic-embedded.


3. Slicing the Preserved Brain

The preserved brain is sliced up to small pieces. Each of these pieces go to different electro-microscope machines that can slice the small pieces into even smaller layers. These layers allow us to make high resolution maps of every neuron and how they connect and act. This map contains all of our memories, skills and preferences.


4. Creation of the A.I.

The neuron map allows us to build a circuit diagram that simulates the brain in the digital world. Like the brain, this circuitry has all the memories, skills and preferences of the original brain. The A.I. is created.


5. Connecting the A.I. to the virtual world.

While the A.I. can live without a virtual body and without a virtual environment, years of evolution in the physical world by the human species require the A.I. to have a body and an environment to experience happiness.


6. The person is alive and happy.

After connecting the A.I. to its body and environment, our technicians test its levels of simulated stress. The goal is to find the perfect activity that will bring enduring happiness to the A.I.


7. Visitors are allowed

Visitors can then communicate with their beloved one as if the original person had just crossed over to a new world.

*The human brain is complex and as such there may be complications that prevent the successful uploading of the mind to its perfect environment. Nevertheless, our technicians have a 99% success rate.