NanoEden was founded in 2001 on the idea that life should be more than a mere moment. NanoEden’s engineers and scientists work diligently to extend life and to bring an end to death as we know it. Our work is an alternative to the promising but still elusive cryonics. Our technology may be new, but it has been studied and developed over the course of many decades:

In 1943, Warren McCulloch and Walter Pitts created a computational model for neural networks based on mathematics and algorithms. This model paved the way for research in both the biological processes in the brain and the application of neural networks to the construction of artificial intelligence. Unprecedented advances in science and computation only a half of a century later opened the doors to the groundbreaking whole brain emulation (WBE) process, also known as mind uploading.

While the science behind mind uploading focused on the exact simulation of an individual human consciousness in the digital form, NanoEden innovates by giving the uploaded consciousness its most desired environment and activities. Our technicians work hard with the brain’s A.I. to make sure it dwells in its perfect and happiest place. With the impeccable simulation of the now deceased brain, family and friends of the deceased can interact with his or her consciousness as if the deceased was never gone. State-of-the-art computer generated imagery in virtual reality further allows those who desire to see the deceased in person as if he or she has never aged.

Changing the concept of life and death, NanoEden makes sure that you and your beloved ones will never die, but only cross over to an improved and eternal existence.